Welcome to our Blog

We hope you enjoy your visit with us and come away inspired to help us bless others! Our group crafts daily for Online Angels, and I thought we would start a Blog. We want to show you what we have created, as a group, to bless others in need of uplifting. We think this will be a great way to get others to volunteer to help us bless others:) If you would be interested in helping to craft for Online Angels, email me as we would love to have you volunteer for our group!!

We look forward to hearing from you:)

Spreading Love....

Spreading Love....
Online Angels…….uplifting and blessing everyone….one word, one heart, one box at a time :)

How you can help

Online Angels is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

**We believe in the power of ONE!**

It means so much when someone can reach out and touch a person in need in a very personal,
loving way. Here at Online-Angels we help you show someone who is in need of caring or of
a well-deserved thank you that you are thinking of them. Whether the person is seriously
ill, has been touched by tragedy, needs encouragement or even recognition for a heroic or
humanitarian act, we can send them your love in the form of something warm and cozy to
wrap around them, like a hug from you.

How? We spread that love one love-ghan box at a time!

Whether you know someone who needs to be wrapped in a love-ghan or want to be an online
angel yourself, we invite you to contact us.

Love-ghans - made from 100% love!

We make 4", 6" and 12" knitted or crocheted squares and put them together as "Love-ghans" - lap robes - for those who have suffered tragedies, loss of loved one, illness,
or someone who just needs to be uplifted.
We accept any size squares!

We can also send a lap-ghan to a veteran or someone who uses a wheelchair, along with
h&B items they can use, and items for our troops. And we don't forget the little ones!
We send handmade items to children's hospitals - all over the world!

* Make 6" or 12" knit or crochet squares for our Love-ghans

Don't knit or crochet? We can share any homemade crosses, angels, cards, or whatever you
make to cheer the person up when they receive their care boxes. Or you can donate yarn,
h&b items, children's toys, new clothing, chemo caps, slippers, prayer shawls or anything you think someone would like to receive.

But wait - there's more! Help us collect the items below:

* Aluminum can pop tops -- for Hershey Medical Ctr.