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We hope you enjoy your visit with us and come away inspired to help us bless others! Our group crafts daily for Online Angels, and I thought we would start a Blog. We want to show you what we have created, as a group, to bless others in need of uplifting. We think this will be a great way to get others to volunteer to help us bless others:) If you would be interested in helping to craft for Online Angels, email me as we would love to have you volunteer for our group!!

We look forward to hearing from you:)

Spreading Love....

Spreading Love....
Online Angels…….uplifting and blessing everyone….one word, one heart, one box at a time :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Shipping day

Our total for the year is:
12,021 and counting!!!!!!!!!!!

A big thank you to all who help us bless other others!!

Loveghans from donated squares

Georgine put these together from donated squares and made 1 matching hat.

Our Volunteer Georgine's goodies

Our Volunteer Glenys E's goodies

Our Volunteer Karen B's goodies

Our Volunteer Karen B's goodies